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Sourcebook on Cultural Resource Management, Archaeology, and Cultural Heritage Values for the Native American Communities of California

(October 2005, Fifth Edition)

Notes on use of the Sourcebook:

We, the Native American Programs Committee (NAPC) of the Society for California Archaeology (SCA), are pleased to share with you an “On-Line” version of our highly requested “SCA NAPC Sourcebook”, a collection of cultural resource and historic preservation references that can be invaluable for those working in the cultural resource management field. It was initially developed for use in workshops given to California Native American communities wishing to develop skills in protecting and promoting the preservation of their heritage. The basis of the Sourcebook was compiled in 1996 by Janet Eidsness (current NAPC Co-Chair) for the Salinan community workshop held at Ft. Hunter Liggett. Former NAPC Chair Phil deBarros and Janet compiled the first NAPC “Mini-Sourcebook” in 1998, and Janet was responsible for subsequent editions.

Over the years, as newer editions were developed, the Sourcebook grew in size, to where the 5th edition that you see here is nearly 1000 pages! As you can imagine, maintaining, producing and distributing such a huge volume has become increasingly difficult and costly, leading to a project to “digitize” the Sourcebook for easier access. The current result of that project is what you can access from this page.

For ease of use, each “chapter” of the Sourcebook is accessible separately, for ease of reading and printing only desired segments. To start, click the “Cover and Table of Contents” link (doc will open in separate window) to find the desired segment link. Then, just click on the desired link (each of the chapters in the “Parts 1 – 4” pages, plus the “Cover…” and “Mission Statement…” links on this main “Sourcebook Intro” page) and the document you want will open in a new, separate window for each segment.

The Sourcebook is now searchable and can be highlighted on your computer with almost any .pdf reader. Those looking for a particular word or phrase need only input it into the search feature of their pdf reader to more easily find what they are looking for. To download the Sourcebook in its entirety for printing*, click the link below. *Please note: the full Sourcebook is a large .pdf file, about 34 MB in size. Downloading is not recommended for dial up Internet access. The time it will take to complete downloading will vary greatly depending on your specific circumstances (type of internet access, traffic on the ‘net, your computer, etc.). We urge caution and careful consideration in choosing to download the entire document. 

Our Committee thanks a number of people who were of great assistance in this project, notably Gregg Castro who spearheaded the effort, Michaela Spangenburg (PDF scanning and conversion), SCA Web Mistress Stella D’Oro (web page configuration), Pattie Garcia-Tuck and the Aqua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Tribe’s cultural resource department (initial PDF scan), plus Denise Wills, Jennifer Farquhar, the SCA Board of Directors and others for their support. Coming soon to a screen near you: next phase of the project, where the Sourcebook will be updated! For further information, suggestions and/or comments please email

With Respect,
SCA Native American Programs Committee
February 2012

To download the Sourcebook in its entirety, click here

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