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California Archaeology
The Journal of the SCA
Kathleen Hull

California Archaeology – The SCA Journal: California Archaeology publishes original papers on the archaeology of Alta California, Baja California, and adjoining regions (southern Oregon, western Nevada, and western Arizona). The journal is dedicated to advancing knowledge of California’s past, including manuscripts that treat theory, method, and/or empirical findings from precontact, contact, or the historic era. It also publishes Reviews, and a News and Notes column, which includes information on recent fieldwork, legal developments, and other relevant events, as well as Sands of Time: SCAs Past, which compiles stories about archaeologists and ethnographers who made important contributions to California in years gone by. Finally, an In Memoriam column is periodically published for prominent, recently deceased members of the California archaeological community.

As of 2022, the Editor of California Archaeology is Kathleen Hull, who is supported by Jennifer Darcangelo (News and Notes Editor) and Tsim Schneider (Reviews Editor). There are also Associate Editors for dealing with papers associated with the Contact Era (Lee Panich), Historical Archaeology (Sara Gonzalez), and Baja California (Don Laylander).

All papers submitted to the journal are peer reviewed, and it is the responsibility of the Editor to facilitate this process personally or delegate this work to the aforementioned Associate Editors. Book reviews are solicited by the Reviews Editor and not peer reviewed. Material submitted to News and Notes and In Memoriam are also not subjected to peer review, and their publication is at the discretion of their respective editors.

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