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Native American Programs Committee

The SCA-NAPC seeks applicants for the SCA Annual Meeting

Application Deadline:  January 31

The SCA – NAPC is pleased to announce Sponsorships offered to California Natives interested in attending the SCA Annual Meeting. The intent of the SCA – NAPC Sponsorships is to encourage and support California Native cultural resource preservationists in developing relationships, awareness and greater understanding between the California Native Community and the CRM profession, as represented by SCA. The Annual SCA Conference is the most effective place for this interaction to occur, as the Conference is where most of the California CRM professionals come together.

❖  AWARD DESCRIPTIONS – 3 Categories:

  • Presenter: A person coming to the conference as presenter, discussant, panelist, etc. The Presenter award includes an SCA annual membership, the conference fee, and some costs, travel stipend, small ‘per diem’: not to exceed $475;
  • Attendee: A person coming to the conference as an audience member, with an interest in archaeology, SCA, or specific aspects of learning and benefiting your tribal community in cultural resource management (award includes SCA membership). The Attendee award includes SCA annual membership dues, the conference fee, travel stipend, a small ‘per diem’: not to exceed $175;
  • Observer: Defined as someone attending the conference to view events (not participate), to support a fellow tribal member, colleague, or friend (award includes a one (1) day entrance to the conference)

Award: conference registration fee, not to exceed $25


Mandatory Requirements:
  • Applicant is a California Native person: an individual from a community indigenous to present day California, aged 18 years old and above [note: allies or employees of a tribal community are not eligible for the award];
  • Applicants must submit a simple written statement that addresses how their attendance at the Annual Meeting will benefit them, their indigenous community, and SCA at large with reference to the Selection Criteria below;
  • Each Application MUST indicate which of the three Award Categories is being applied for; an applicant is only allowed to apply for one category per
  • Awards will be considered and decided by the NAPC Committee based on criteria, need, proximity,
  • Additional criteria are listed

Sponsorship Applications must be postmarked (U.S. Mail) and/or submitted via email by

January 31 to be considered for the SCA Annual Meeting.

Send your written statement (per criteria below) or questions to NAPC Chair Gregg Castro at the NAPC email address:

If using U.S. Mail: mail to P.O. Box 2582, Granite Bay, CA 95746

All applicants, including the selected recipients, will be notified no later than one month after the Sponsorship application deadline.

Additional Criteria for California Indian Sponsorship Awards includes consideration of the following:

  1. Presenters: The applicant must submit formally present a paper, participate in and/or organize a symposium, or submit a poster for a poster session. “Presenter” recipient must decline the award if unable to attend the Meeting for at least the two main conference paper presentation days: Friday and Saturday. Their re-application would be welcomed in another year when full Meeting attendance can be realized;
  2. For Presenters: Cash stipends for travel and per diem/meals will be delivered to Recipients upon arrival at the Meeting;
    1. Repeat applicants – additional selection criteria
    2. Repeat sponsorship awards will be considered by NAPC Subcommittee only after new sponsorship applications are considered and there is funding for additional awards;
    3. Repeat applicants must include in their application a simple statement that addresses the benefits of prior SCA Meeting Sponsorship to them personally, to their community, and to the SCA (i.e., how the benefits of SCA Meeting attendance were realized).
  3. Recipients are expected to attend the NAPC Open Meeting held at annual SCA Meeting (usually on Saturday; meeting day, time and location will be confirmed to each Recipient by the NAPC prior to the conference);
  4. Recipients are expected to: [1] provide a reliable method of contact for the NAPC to communicate important information with (“Information” form for Recipient to fill out will be provided) to the Recipient, up to the Conference event; [2] remain in contact with the NAPC up to and including the Conference dates and will make positive contact with a NAPC representative (to be identified for the Recipient) upon arrival at the Conference;
  5. For all Award Categories: If Recipient’s plans change and they cannot attend the Meeting, they must notify the SCA Business Office at 530-342-3537, no later than February 15.

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